Rockefeller Foundation Commits $20 Million for COVID-19 Response

Rockefeller Foundation Commits $20 Million for COVID-19 Response

The Rockefeller Foundation has announced a $20 million commitment in support of efforts to strengthen pandemic preparedness and response and support vulnerable communities affected by the global public health emergency.

Internationally, the funds will support innovations that enable countries to improve their preparedness and response capabilities and build capacity to identify and mitigate the spread of disease in future public health emergencies. Funds also will be used to explore the development of a tool that can help civil society and governments track and manage their response to pandemics.

In addition, the foundation will provide immediate assistance to organizations working to help workers, families, and vulnerable communities facing lost wages and food and housing insecurity, with a focus on cities where the foundation operates, including New York City; Washington, D.C.; Bellagio, Italy; Nairobi, Kenya; and Bangkok, Thailand.

"This global pandemic has exposed the reality that too many Americans cannot meet their basic needs, and globally, too many communities lack the resources and technologies to adequately track, mitigate, and overcome this disease," said Rajiv J. Shah, the foundation’s president. "The Rockefeller Foundation is ready to work in partnership with others to identify, invest, and scale-up solutions in the communities we serve here at home and around the world."

(Image credit: Brian McGowan via Unsplash)