Rockefeller Foundation Commits $5 Million to Disaster Relief Effort

The New York City-based Rockefeller Foundation has announced a $5 million commitment to support nonprofit organizations providing aid and assistance to families and individuals whose lives were disrupted by the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

According to foundation president Gordon Conway, the funds are intended to reach "jobless workers and families of missing workers, many from non-English speaking immigrant communities, who often survive on the margins of the economy and may lack adequate benefits or access to relief services." Funds will also be allocated to nonprofit organizations providing protection and support to Arab, South Asian, and Muslim communities — many of which have been the objects of bigotry and violence — in New York City.

"The unimaginable tragedies of September 11 occurred in New York, our home, yet they have deeply wounded all of humankind," said Conway. "But from these very same acts of horror have come countless acts of courage, goodness, and love, which provide us cause to celebrate the indomitable nature of the human spirit."

"Rockefeller Foundation Commits $5 Million To New York City Disaster Relief Efforts" Rockefeller Foundation Press Release 09/21/2001.