Rockefeller, ideas42 Announce Fellows for Human Behavior Initiative

The Rockefeller Foundation and ideas42, a nonprofit organization that uses behavioral science to drive solutions to social challenges, have announced thirteen resident fellows as part of an initiative aimed at understanding how a better understanding of human behavior can inform and advance efforts to build resilience and more inclusive economies.

The initiative will bring together leading academics, artists, and practitioners for a month-long residency at the foundation's Bellagio Center in Italy, where they will connect and exchange ideas with thought leaders outside their particular sphere of expertise. Participating fellows' work encompasses a range of issues, from economic scarcity as a barrier to work performance, to South East Asian perspectives on resilience and disaster recovery, to fostering inclusiveness and civic participation among Kenyan youth.

Selected for their accomplishments in their respective fields and unique approach to the study of human behavior, the fellows include Juan-Camilo Cardenas, a professor of economics at Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia; Tahir Hemphill, an advertising creative and multimedia artist; Vishwajeet Kumar, founder and CEO of Community Empowerment Lab in India; and Kim Thuy Seelinger, director of the sexual violence program at the Human Rights Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

"The science and application of behavioral change approaches has much advanced in recent years as people look for ways to make better choices when it comes to our health, finances, and educations — predicated on the idea that simple 'nudges' can yield significant successes," said Claudia Juech, associate vice president and managing director at the Rockefeller Foundation. "The Bellagio Center is thrilled to bring together leading thinkers from a range of backgrounds to explore the topic of behavior change, and to accelerate this interest and momentum for social good."