Rockefeller State Park Receives Acreage From Rockefeller Estate

Rockefeller State Park Receives Acreage From Rockefeller Estate

New York State governor Andrew M. Cuomo has announced a donation of three hundred and forty-six acres from the estate of David Rockefeller to Rockefeller State Park Preserve in Pleasantville, New York. 

The gift to the park, which stretches from the Hudson River to the Taconic Parkway, boosts its total area to 1,771 acres and ensures that the rolling terrain will remain intact and open to the public. The gift builds on the Rockefeller family's longtime support for the park, augmenting the 1,400 acres donated by the Rockefeller family since its creation in 1983. In 2015, David Rockefeller also gave $4 million to establish an operating endowment for the park.

The adjacent Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture also received a gift of nearly ninety-three acres from Rockefeller's estate. Stone Barns has agreed to convey a conservation easement to New York State Parks, resulting in the ninety-three acres being protected from development in perpetuity. The preserve and Stone Barns intend to cooperatively manage the landscape of fields and woods to favor native species such as bobolinks and to use rotational livestock grazing to enhance the parcel's soil health, water retention capacity, and carbon sequestration potential. 

"New York is home to some of the best parks and outdoor facilities in the country, and David Rockefeller's donation to the Rockefeller State Park Preserve will serve as another tremendous asset to our state," said Cuomo. "I am grateful for this gift to the people of New York and will continue working to maintain and protect our state parks for visitors and New Yorkers to enjoy."

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