RWJF Awards $1.2 Million for Public Policy Research

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Princeton, New Jersey, has announced a round of grants totaling nearly $1.2 million through its Public Health Law Research program in support of nine research studies.

The grants will support short-term and time-sensitive studies related to specific health-related laws or regulations and the development of legal data sets. Topics include the public health effects of laws on issues such as e-cigarettes, fracking, concussion in youth sports, and school vaccinations. In addition, the grants will provide support for two mapping studies, one on how states have chosen to address workplace wellness laws and another that tracks health issues in oil and gas development.

"With each new set of studies," said program director Scott Burris, "PHLR and our grantees further expand the body of evidence that helps policy makers make informed decisions about laws and policies that foster communities where health is not only a possibility but a priority, and where individuals can enjoy happy and healthy lives."

"Public Health Law Research Program Funds Nine New Studies." Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Press Release 11/20/2014.