RWJF, Growth Philanthropy Network, and Duke University Launch Social Impact Initiative

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Growth Philanthropy Network, and Duke University have announced the creation of the Social Impact Exchange, a first-of-its-kind cross-sector initiative designed to support the growth of high-impact social programs.

The initiative will serve as a focal point for the study, funding, and implementation of large expansions of proven social-purpose organizations. In particular, it will work to develop and share knowledge about best practices for expanding proven high-impact programs, provide venues for the collaborative funding of those expansions, and help build an infrastructure for more efficient and effective scaling of social programs and innovations. The initiative will also provide financial and consulting awards for programs identified as having the highest impact and potential for growth.

"There is a growing sense of urgency in the social sector around the need to make progress on scale," said Jane Isaacs Lowe, team director for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's work focused on helping vulnerable populations. "The exchange gives our sector a chance to learn together and develop the knowledge to effectively engage in nurturing and spreading our most effective social programs and solutions "We hope that other foundations and funders will join us in this potentially transformative endeavor."