Santa Barbara Foundation Announces More Than $20 Million in 2012 Grants

The Santa Barbara Foundation has announced that it awarded grants totaling more than $20 million in 2012, including $2 million in year-end grants to forty-one local nonprofit organizations.

The community foundation awards three types of grants: core support grants to organizations working to assist people with basic needs; capital support grants to help organizations maintain, improve, and expand their infrastructure and facilities as a means to meet community needs; and innovation grants (also called strategy grants) to support fresh ideas and fuel new approaches to longstanding problems and emerging challenges.

Year-end grants were awarded with funds from the foundation's unrestricted endowment. Grant recipients include the Good Samaritan Shelter ($75,000), the Alliance for Living and Dying Well ($72,500), the Parent Institute for Quality Education ($65,000), the Foundation for Santa Barbara City College ($50,000), and Friends of the Santa Barbara Public Library ($25,000).

"Giving is not just a word here but a way of life," said Santa Barbara Foundation president and CEO Ron Gallo. "With the help of many individuals, families, and aligned philanthropic institutions who have chosen to invest in and with us at significant levels, we will continue to work toward enhancing the quality of life in our communities and strengthen the way that our nonprofits work so they can, in turn, increase their efficiency and impact. We are endeavoring to accomplish things that can only be achieved through a sustained partnership with an inspired philanthropic sector."

For a complete list of year-end grant recipients, visit the Santa Barbara Foundation Web site.