Schwab Charitable Reports More Than $1 Billion in 2015 Grants

Schwab Charitable has announced that its donor-advised funds awarded grants totaling more than $1 billion to over fifty-eight thousand charities in 2015, up some 15 percent from 2014.

The most widely supported organizations included Feeding America, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières, the American Red Cross, and the Salvation Army. Schwab Charitable also announced that 63 percent of contributions to its donor-advised funds in 2015 were in the form of appreciated assets, including publicly traded stock, restricted stock, privately held shares, initial public offerings, real estate, private equity, and hedge fund interests.

"We are so thankful that our donors continued to give generously in 2015 even as stock markets became more volatile," said Schwab Charitable president Kim Laughton. "For charities across the spectrum of causes, donor-advised funds encourage philanthropy and help people donate more."

"Schwab Charitable Reports Record Grants in 2015." Schwab Charitable Press Release 01/26/2016.