September 11th Fund Announces $14 Million in New Grants

September 11th Fund Announces $14 Million in New Grants

The September 11th Fund has announced ten new grants to nonprofit organizations that are addressing the short-term needs of individuals and organizations affected by the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Since October 27 the Fund has awarded a total of $14 million in new grants, including $12 million to Safe Horizon for ongoing emergency cash assistance and $984,000 for a toll-free information hotline; $400,000 to the New York Immigration Coalition to provide emergency information for immigrants; and $300,000 to New York Cares to coordinate and train volunteers working on disaster relief efforts. The Fund has also announced that it will continue to make emergency support grants and plans to distribute an additional $12 million in the next few days.

To address longer-term needs related to the attacks, the Fund is working with government and private organizations to understand which organizations are providing help and to identify gaps in the relief and recovery effort that may need to be filled.

"Everyone agrees that the family of someone who dies, or someone who was severely injured should receive immediate aid," said Fund CEO Joshua Gotbaum. "[B]ut most of our donors also recognize the needs of those who lost their jobs, who lost their homes, or who have been traumatized as a result of helping out at Ground Zero or the Pentagon. Others have pointed out that the attacks of September 11 also destroyed the homes of hundreds of nonprofits and small businesses."

In the two months since the attacks, more than a million people and hundreds of corporations and foundations have pledged a total of $337 million to the Fund, of which $275 million has been collected. To date, the Fund has awarded eighty grants totaling more than $48.5 million to various nonprofit agencies working to help victims, their families, and affected communities.

"September 11th Fund Continues Funding Emergency Work, Begins Coordination of Longer-Term Assistance" September 11th Fund Press Release 11/09/2001.