Simons Foundation Announces 2015 Simons Investigators

The New York City-based Simons Foundation has announced the selection of eighteen mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists as Simons Investigators.

The Investigators program provides $100,000 annually for an initial period of five years to outstanding scientists, enabling them to devote years to the study of a fundamental question in math, physics, or computer science. The awards are renewable for an additional five years, depending on a review in the fourth year.

The Simons Investigators in mathematics are Ian Agol of the University of California, Berkeley; Ben Green of the University of Oxford; Raphaël Rouquier of the University of California, Los Angeles; and Christopher Skinner of Princeton University. In theoretical computer science, award recipients include Dan Boneh of Stanford University; Subhash Khot of New York University; and Christopher Umans of the California Institute of Technology.

The Simons Investigators in physics are Jonathan Feng of the University of California, Irvine; Alexei Kitaev of Cal Tech; Andrea Liu of the University of Pennsylvania; Mark Van Raamsdonk of the University of British Columbia; Ashvin Vishwanath of the University of California, Berkeley; Anastasia Volovich of Brown University; and Matthieu Wyart of NYU. In mathematical modeling of living systems, award recipients include Michael Desai of Harvard University, Andrew Mugler of Purdue University, and James O’Dwyer of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

And the inaugural Simons Investigator in Math-X, a program designed to encourage novel collaborations between mathematics and other fields in science or engineering, is Michael Weinstein of Columbia University.

"Simons Investigators Awardees." Simons Foundation Press Release 07/14/2015.