Simons Foundation Awards $1.25 Million for Science 'Experiences'

Simons Foundation Awards $1.25 Million for Science 'Experiences'

New York City-based Guerilla Science has announced a $1.25 million grant from the Simons Foundation in support of a series of programs designed to bring science to adults in unconventional ways.

The grant will fund a series of immersive science-inspired experiences in and around New York City and at music festivals across the United States produced in collaboration with a global network of scientists and artists. One such experience invites the public to interact with a custom-built musical instrument called the Fire Organ, which uses flame to visualize sound. The group also plans to increase its digital offerings.

In the past, Guerilla Science has opened a popup intergalactic travel agency to provide space vacation consultations to the public, conducted a mass experiment on disco dancing, and blindfolded speed daters looking for romance as a way to illustrate the neuroscience of attraction. All the experiences produced by the organization are designed to connect the public with new ways of understanding how science impacts our daily lives. "We like to show people the subversive side of science," said Mark Rosin, a mathematics and science professor at the Pratt Institute, and a co-founder of the organization.

"The Simons Foundation is pleased to support Guerilla Science," said Boyana Konforti, director of the foundation's Education and Outreach division. "They have a special way of bringing science to unexpected places — and they do it in artful and compelling ways, creating unique experiences for people who might not otherwise be interested in science. We look forward to seeing what they come up with in the coming years, as they expand their programming in the U.S. and worldwide."

"Guerilla Science Awarded $1.25 Million to Infuse Science Into Culture." Guerilla Science Press Release 01/15/2016.