Stavros Niarchos Foundation Awards $2 Million to Ease Effects of Greek Debt Crisis

The Athens-based Stavros Niarchos Foundation has announced grants totaling nearly $2 million to address mounting social needs in Greece stemming from the country's debt crisis.

With Greek poverty levels rising alongside a growing homelessness problem and a rapid increase in the number of people receiving food assistance and other material aid, the foundation aims to maximize its impact by focusing on projects that complement rather than replace the work of private- and public-sector organizations.

The initial grants will support three pilot programs focused on Athens and the wider Attica region. In collaboration with PRAKSIS, a Greek nonprofit that provides free social and medical services, the Social Housing program will support families at risk of becoming homeless. Also in partnership with PRAKSIS, the foundation will establish three day centers in strategically selected parts of Athens to provide relief for those who are already homeless. And it will work with Greek nonprofit Artos-Drasi to distribute prepared meals to other food assistance programs in Attica as well as provide educational programs for children and youth.