Stupski Foundation to Cease Operations

The San Francisco-based Stupski Foundation has announced that will wrap up its work over the next couple of months.

Larry and Joyce Stupski, who established the foundation to help poor and minority students prepare for life and work and lately have championed an approach in which students are encouraged to "own" their learning, decided that while they still believe in that work, the time has come to pursue it through private giving rather than a foundation. In a message to the foundation's staff, the Stupskis wrote, "We carefully considered our commitments, intentions, and current life and health situations and believe that this very personal decision is the necessary and right one at this point in time."

As of the end of its 2011 fiscal year, the foundation held assets in excess of $110 million.

According to Stupski Foundation CEO Susan Colby, the foundation will carry out its grant commitments to six schools and then close its doors. "Although my colleagues and I will not be able to continue to pursue this work at the Stupski Foundation," said Colby in a message on the foundation's home page, "we will take this mission and all we have learned into the next phase of our personal and professional journeys. The unstoppable momentum of innovation will continue, led by those with the most profound stake in changing our schools: the students and their families, the teachers, the principals, and the other leaders who understand that students must own their learning to succeed in school and life."

"A Message From Susan Colby." Stupski Foundation Press Release 07/17/2012.