SunPower Foundation Launched to Shape Next Generation of Solar Power Leaders

SunPower, a San Jose, California-based manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, panels, and systems, has announced the launch of the SunPower Foundation.

As its first initiative, the foundation partnered with the 100 People Foundation to create 100 People Under the Sun, a program that provides classroom lesson plans and online videos to help students identify the ways they use energy and investigate the use of solar energy in their communities. To date, 140 schools in 39 countries are participating and the videos have been downloaded approximately 11,000 times.

The foundation also is partnering with Winrock International, the Solar Electric Light Fund, Black Rock Solar, GRID Alternatives, and the American African Nuru Foundation to promote the use of solar power, develop and distribute solar power education tools, and allow SunPower employees to support community-based solar power initiatives around the world.

"We established the SunPower Foundation to give back through education and building stronger communities," said SunPower CEO Tom Werner. "It is our hope that the foundation will encourage more people to consider how the electricity they use is generated and the global potential of reliable, emission-free solar power to reduce the effects of climate change."