Target Selects Forty-Two Elementary Schools for Library Makeovers

National retailer Target Corp., in partnership with the Heart of America Foundation, has announced the names of forty-two elementary schools that will receive new libraries as part of the 2011 Target School Library Makeover program.

Each of the library makeovers will feature a complete renovation, including light construction, eco-friendly design elements, technology upgrades, new furniture and carpeting, and new books and shelving. In addition, every student in the selected schools and his or her siblings will receive seven new books for their own collections at home.

The principals of the selected schools also attended a summit led by Ralph Smith, executive vice president of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, at which they discussed best practices for cultivating reading skills and approaches to literacy strategies.

"Research shows that a child's ability to read by the end of third grade is a pivotal point in his or her academic career. A recent study confirmed that children who cannot read proficiently by the third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school than those who can," said Smith. "With staggering statistics such as this, it is critical for organizations and individuals alike to work together to help build a nation of readers."

For a list of the forty-two schools, visit the Target Web site.

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