Trinity Health Awards Nonprofit Finance Fund $1 Million to Improve Michigan Nonprofits' Access to Capital

Nonprofit Finance Fund has announced a $1 million grant from Trinity Health, a nonprofit health system in Novi, Michigan, to improve access to capital for the state's nonprofit organizations.

NFF will use the funds to provide loans to nonprofits in southeast Michigan, where seven of Trinity's forty-seven hospitals are located. In turn, the loans will help finance community facilities projects and provide working capital to organizations serving low-income communities, including funds for construction, facilities improvements, and equipment purchases.

"Gaining access to capital has always been challenging for nonprofits, but the situation has worsened significantly as a result of the economy and the tightening credit markets," said Kevin Sweeney, site director for NFF's Detroit office. "Trinity Health's investment in our Michigan loan fund will strengthen our ability to support local nonprofits as they seek out lending as a strategic financing option."