Two Literacy Organizations to Merge

Laubach Literacy International and Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc., two of the oldest and largest volunteer literacy organizations in the world, have announced their intention to merge.

The boards of each organization have signed a memorandum of understanding that combines the current operations of LLI and LVA and locates the new literacy organization at Laubach's headquarters in Syracuse, New York. The single organization resulting from the merger will be named later this year and will begin operations on or around January 1, 2002.

"This merger will bring incalculable benefits to the programs and people we serve — both domestically and internationally," said LLI president Robert Wedgeworth. "Most important, it will allow us to speak with one voice on behalf of adults and parents at a time when public policy is grappling with the enormous challenge of educating America's children."

The U.S. Department of Education estimates that between 40 million and 44 million adults in the U.S. function at the lowest level of literacy.

"Merger Announced in the Literacy Capital of America" Laubach Literacy Press Release 05/21/2001.