UC Davis Receives $2 Million for Beer Brewing Program

The University of California, Davis has announced a $2 million gift from Ken Grossman and his wife, Katie Gosner, in support of the school's brewing science program. Grossman and Gosner are owners of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

The gift will establish an endowment for a full-time staff brewing position in the UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology. Dedicated to mentoring and managing students, maintaining the campus brewery and its equipment, and teaching classes, the position will be held by Joe Williams, a staff researcher in the brewing program. In addition to his teaching and brewery management duties, Williams will be involved as a university liaison to the industry s and will host visitors to the campus brewery.

"This Endowed Brewer position will allow us to provide outstanding practical brewing experiences for our students as we continue to align hands-on training with the best theoretical education," said Charlie Bamforth, the Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting and Brewing Sciences. "Students don't get that combination in most other brewing programs."

"My family and I have supported the brewing program at UC Davis for nearly two decades," said Grossman. "Charlie Bamforth is not only an expert in brewing science, technology and engineering, but a frequent guest speaker at our brewery and a close, personal friend. The ideals that he and the rest of the staff instill in the students are the very same principles that have guided our success in craft brewing for the past thirty-six years."

"Sierra Nevada Brewing Owners Give $2 Million to UC Davis Brewing Position." University of California, Davis Press Release 12/22/2016.