UChicago Medicine Receives $5 Million for Cancer Research

The University of Chicago has announced a $5 million gift from the Hospira Foundation to endow a chair in oncology at University of Chicago Medicine.

The gift will establish the Hospira Foundation Professorship in Oncology, which is expected to significantly bolster the medical school's capacity to conduct pioneering research in cancer. To be held by a leader in the field, the chair will advance the school's cancer research objectives, which include discovering new and better therapies capable of transforming the body's ability to overcome cancer, creating genetically precise treatments that target patients' cancer cells, and developing a new standard of patient care that delivers a higher quality of life. The Hospira Foundation was the philanthropic arm of injectable drug provider and medical technology company Hospira, which was acquired by Pfizer Inc. in September 2015.

"The pace of progress in cancer research is tremendous, and we're making enormous strides in understanding the biology of these diseases and improving cancer care," said Michelle Le Beau, director of the UChicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center. "Our focus is to use this understanding to find better ways to treat these diseases. This donation will help us have a greater impact by developing better ways to prevent, detect, and treat this disease, ultimately improving outcomes for patients worldwide."

"Hospira Foundation Donates $5 Million to Support Cancer Research." University of Chicago Press Release 01/21/2016.