UChicago Receives $25 Million Gift for Financial Aid

UChicago Receives $25 Million Gift for Financial Aid

The University of Chicago has announced a $25 million gift from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous in support of financial aid for international undergraduate students.

Building on a previous gift of $10 million from the same donor, the funds will be used to expand the Odyssey Scholarship Program, the university's financial aid program for undergrads, by increasing financial aid for well-qualified students from around the world, regardless of financial need.

Established in 2007 through a gift from an anonymous donor, the Odyssey Scholarship Program provides students with great financial need the assistance they need to thrive at the university and pursue a rewarding career. In addition to tuition, Odyssey students receive support for study abroad programs, academic enrichment activities, and career development and research opportunities.

"Welcoming international students and scholars enhances all of the university's efforts in research and education and enables us to reach our highest aspirations as an intellectual destination for people of all backgrounds," said UChicago president Robert J. Zimmer. "This generous gift will allow more international students to benefit from and contribute to the University of Chicago's transformative educational environment, while advancing our commitment to foster a rich diversity of ideas and perspectives."

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