United Cerebral Palsy Announces $2.5 Million Online Donation

Baltimore attorney Stephen L. Snyder has made what is believed to be the largest online charitable donation ever. Using his Platinum Card from American Express, Snyder donated $100,000 to United Cerebral Palsy through the UCP Web site as part of a $2.5 million gift to the organization.

"I'm pleased to demonstrate that charitable giving has become as simple as clicking a mouse. People often talk about how the Internet has changed their life. I believe we should now focus our collective attention on how the Internet can change the lives of others for the better," said Snyder. "It is my hope that today's event will inspire others to contribute online to good causes close to their hearts."

For more than fifteen years, Snyder, a senior partner at the law firm of Snyder, Jacobs, Slutkin and Lodowski, has fought for the legal rights of families who have children with cerebral palsy. His $2.5 million donation to UCP will go toward the construction of a new UCP facility in his hometown of Baltimore, as well as the continued development of the organization's Web site as the premier portal for people with disabilities.

The donation of nearly $100,000 is the first in a series of payments totaling $2.5 million that Snyder, per his agreement with United Cerebral Palsy, plans to make through the UCP Web site.

"Consumers are increasingly comfortable using the Internet for e-commerce, and charities are in a unique position to capitalize on this trend. By welcoming 'e-donations,' nonprofit groups have the opportunity to improve their fundraising efforts and enhance donor satisfaction," said Glenda McNeal, vice president, New Industries, American Express. "American Express has a long history of working with charitable organizations to strengthen our communities. We are proud to be able to work with United Cerebral Palsy to help facilitate this significant e-donation and those in the future."

"Multi-Million Dollar Online Credit Card Donation Ushers in New Era of e-Philanthropy" United Cerebral Palsy Press Release 05/15/2001.