University of Houston Receives $10 Million for Data Science Program

University of Houston Receives $10 Million for Data Science Program

The University of Houston has announced a $10 million gift from Hewlett Packard Enterprise to endow a scholarship fund and enhance research activities at its Data Science Institute.

Part of the university's Here, We Go campaign, the gift will fund a collaboration between HPE and UH through which company executives serve as class lecturers, and UH researchers work to solve complex problems for HPE customers. As part of the collaboration, students will work on research areas suggested by HPE, part of a university-wide effort to ensure students and faculty are focused on real-world problems.

In recognition of the gift, the UH Data Science Institute will be renamed the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Science Institute.

"At HPE, we have a robust presence in Houston and a long history of partnership with the University of Houston," said Mark Potter, HPE's chief technology officer and the director of Hewlett Packard Labs. "In fact, a significant portion of our workforce here are alumni, so we are thrilled to have an opportunity to drive innovation in data science and shape the future workforce in that area. We look forward to continuing to expand the partnership over time and tackling meaningful research that will accelerate discoveries for the industry."

(Photo credit: Pexels)