University of Kansas Gets $2 Million for Addictions Research Center

University of Kansas Gets $2 Million for Addictions Research Center

The University of Kansas has announced a $2 million gift from alumnus Daniel Logan ('75) and his wife, Gladys Cofrin, to establish an addictions research center.

The Cofrin-Logan Center for Addiction Research & Treatment will serve as a hub for addiction research, training, and outreach, bringing together practitioners and services from KU's Lawrence campus and KU Medical Center as well as community partners. To be located in the Department of Psychology in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, the center will offer services such as therapy, support groups, and community outreach for addictions ranging from alcohol and drugs to gambling and eating disorders.

The center is a partnership built on shared interests between Cofrin and Logan and KU interim provost and executive vice chancellor Carl Lejuez. Cofrin and Logan are in recovery from addictions themselves and know firsthand the importance of fighting the stigma associated with addiction and making effective treatment options more available and accessible, while Lejuez brings firsthand knowledge about developing an addictions center from the ground up as the founder and director of a highly successful addictions research and treatment center at the University of Maryland.

Logan, who received a bachelor's degree in political science from KU, is a professor in the Addiction Medicine Division at the College of Medicine at the University of Florida, while Cofrin worked for thirty years as a therapist with the Alachua County Crisis Center in Gainesville. In 2015, the couple established a scholarship for KU students with exceptional need who live in scholarship halls.

"The essence of treating addiction is about giving people hope," said Logan. "Part of what having a center like this does is give the opportunity to have hope that things can be different, and you don't have to be stuck in that place."

"KU is known for the rigor of the research conducted, but not just research for its own sake," said Lejuez. "We want to show how it's making the communities in Kansas a better place, and that's by helping the people of our state. This gift allows us to do both research and treat the community without having to carve out new resources."

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