University of Kansas Receives $1.4 Million for Urban Planning Professorship

The University of Kansas has announced a $1.4 million commitment from Alan Black, professor emeritus of urban planning, to create the university's first urban planning professorship.

Made through the KU Endowment, the gift is in addition to previous contributions from Black totaling $158,000 to an eponymous scholarship he created for urban planning graduate students in 1998. A professor at KU since 1981 and a nationally published expert on urban planning, Black's specializes in transportation, particularly urban mass transit.

"Alan has created many 'firsts' in the Urban Planning Department — from his scholarship and now to the professorship in his name," said John Gaunt, dean of KU's School of Architecture, Design, and Planning. "We are so grateful for his generosity and for the impact that his philanthropy has had and will have on the department and on KU urban planning students."

"KU Announces $1.4M Commitment From Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning." University of Kansas Press Release 11/07/2011.