University of Oregon Receives $3.5 Million to Endow Faculty Chairs

University of Oregon Receives $3.5 Million to Endow Faculty Chairs

The University of Oregon College of Design and College of Arts and Sciences have announced a $3.5 million gift from an anonymous donor to establish a pair of endowed chairs.

Funded through an estate gift, the W.R.B. Willcox Chair in Urban Design and the Ed Whitelaw Chair in Urban Economics will honor two UO professors. Wilcox, an advocate for interdisciplinary collaboration, worked as an architecture professor for more than two decades and was part of the Bogue Committee, which drafted a city plan for Seattle in 1911. His influential philosophy posited that social values, aspirations, and character are directly reflected in architecture and design.

Whitelaw, a member of the economics faculty since 1976, has taught more than ten thousand undergraduate students over the years and specializes in labor and poverty, the environment and natural resources, the economics of cities and regions, and the economic consequences of policy decisions.

"Architectural design and economics come together in myriad ways in the built environment," said Christoph Lindner, dean of the College of Design. "This gift will help the University of Oregon prepare a new generation of professionals to purposefully consider the intertwined impact of both disciplines on urban life."

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