University of Texas at Austin Receives $1 Million from ExxonMobil

The University of Texas at Austin has announced a gift of more than $1 million from ExxonMobil, matching three-to-one gifts made by the oil giant's employees and retirees over the last year.

The gift will be directed to programs in business, engineering, and geosciences — fields that reflect the primary academic background of ExxonMobil personnel — as well as areas such as medical research and the arts and humanities. With this latest gift, ExxonMobil has contributed roughly $44 million to the university, including $15 million for research.

"This extraordinary gift is doubly meaningful to us," said Mark Blount, UT director of corporate relations. "It's a generous investment in the future from one of the world's top companies. It also underscores the enormous breadth of individual gifts this university receives from our alumni, in this case from ExxonMobil employees and retirees. Altogether, this is an impressive outpouring of support, especially given the current economic climate, and we're deeply appreciative."

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