UO-OHSU Biomedical Data Center Receives $10 Million Gift

UO-OHSU Biomedical Data Center Receives $10 Million Gift

The University of Oregon has announced a $10 million gift from alumni Mary and Tim Boyle in support of a biomedical data science center launched jointly with Oregon Health & Science University.

The center will combine existing efforts at UO and the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact with those at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute focused on detecting and fighting deadly forms of cancer and other diseases. The gift also will strengthen UO's Presidential Initiative in Data Science by providing resources needed to recruit and support undergraduate and graduate students and attract world-class faculty in a variety of areas, including computer science, applied math, and genomics.

"The partnership with OHSU is just the beginning," said biology professor Bill Cresko, who heads the data science initiative. "It provides a model for development of data science programs in other focal areas, such as environmental big data, business analytics, behavioral data science, and data science ethics and communication. It ranges from the natural sciences to architecture to music."

Tim Boyle, CEO of Columbia Sportswear, and his wife contributed $10 million in 2016 in support of life sciences research at UO.

"Mary and I are thrilled to help create an environment that allows researchers to tap the power of big data and prepares students for careers in the rapidly changing field of data science," said Boyle. "We are excited about the new biomedical data science center because the UO and OHSU complete each other in terms of research expertise. We look forward to seeing similar collaborations in other fields."

(Photo credit: University of Oregon)

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