UPS Foundation Awards $16 Million for Humanitarian Aid, Health Care

UPS Foundation Awards $16 Million for Humanitarian Aid, Health Care

The UPS Foundation has announced grants and in-kind donations totaling more than $16 million in support of humanitarian aid, disaster relief, public health care, and road safety around the globe.

Grants were awarded to a range of organizations, including the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in support of its global fleet management efforts, emergency preparedness supply training, and Safe Road Use workshops; UNICEF, for its efforts to strengthen health system supply chains and provide emergency and crisis transportation support; and the World Food Program USA, in support of emergency and global crisis response efforts in Tanzania and food distribution supply chain optimization in Rwanda and India. Other recipients include Operation HOPE, which will use the grant to provide disaster recovery and preparedness assistance to small businesses and survivors of disasters; and the St. Bernard Project, which  provides rebuilding support for communities affected by disasters.

The foundation also expanded its partnership with GAVI and Zipline, which operates the world’s only drone-delivery system. Established in 2016, the partnership has launched more than four thousand drone runs expediting the delivery of over seven thousand units of blood to hospitals in rural Rwanda.

"This groundbreaking partnership with GAVI and Zipline provides access to life-saving medical supplies in only minutes rather than hours for millions of men, women, and children in need," said Eduardo Martinez, president of the UPS Foundation and chief diversity and inclusion officer. "With this expansion, the reach of the drone program will double from six million to twelve million people across Rwanda. Additionally, the initiative will expand to deliver basic medications, vaccines, and medical supplies to hospitals and health clinics via drone."

(Photo credit: Zipline)