UPS Foundation Awards Nearly $2.5 Million in Environmental Grants

UPS Foundation Awards Nearly $2.5 Million in Environmental Grants

The UPS Foundation has announced ten grants totaling nearly $2.5 million to nonprofit organizations working in the area of environmental sustainability.

Awarded through the foundation's Global Forestry Initiative, the grants will support the planting, protection, and preservation of trees in urban and rural areas as well as critical forests around the world. Grant recipients include the Nature Conservancy, which will use the funds to support reforestation efforts in the United States, Brazil, Guatemala, Haiti, and China; the Student Conservation Association, for an internship program for college students interested in careers in environmental stewardship; the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, which will use the funds to strengthen programming at its annual conference; and, which will re-grant the funds to environmental education classroom projects submitted by public school teachers in rural communities.

In addition, the foundation announced that it has directly or indirectly been responsible for the planting of more than 1.7 million trees in this grant cycle, surpassing its 2014 tree-planting goals. Since 2012, UPS employees have planted more than three million trees in forty-seven countries.

"At UPS, we believe volunteers are at the heart of all efforts at building community resiliency, and they are critical to help sustain our environment," said Eduardo Martinez, the foundation’s president. "Through volunteer service hours committed by UPS employees as well as our environmental grants program, the UPS Foundation is dedicated to delivering time and resources to enhance environmental stewardship, especially in support of carbon reduction, environmental research, education, and conservation."

"The UPS Foundation Awards Nearly $2.5 Million in Environmental Grants." UPS Foundation Press Release 10/09/2014.