Utah 'Most Generous State,' Analysis Finds

Utah is the most generous state in the nation as measured by eight indicators of giving and volunteering, a report from Wallet Hub, a service of Evolution Finance, finds.

Based on an analysis of volunteer rate, hours volunteered per capita, percentage of the population who donated time and money, percentage of income donated, number of public charities per capita, growth in charitable giving, and whether there is a community service requirement for high school graduation, 2015's Most and Least Charitable States ranked Utah as the most generous state, followed by Maryland, Idaho, Oregon, and South Dakota. At the bottom of the list were Rhode Island, Louisiana, California, Arizona, and Kentucky. Among the poorest and most charitable states were Idaho, Tennessee, and Oklahoma, while among the richest and least charitable were California, New York, and New Jersey.

The analysis also found that between 2006 and 2012  Nevada, Idaho, Georgia, Connecticut, and Florida recorded the highest growth in charitable giving, while North Dakota, Delaware, New Jersey, Maine, and Wyoming recorded the lowest. In addition, the report notes that so-called "red states," which had an average ranking of 22.21, were more generous than "blue states," which had an average ranking of 28.54.

Richie Bernardo. "2015’s Most and Least Charitable States." Wallet Hub 12/04/2015.