Value of Volunteer Time Up 73 Cents in 2006

Independent Sector has announced that the value of a volunteer hour in 2006 reached $18.77 per hour, up from $18.04, or 4 percent, in 2005.

The estimate, which is updated annually, is based on the average hourly wage (plus 12 percent, to allow for fringe benefits) for all non-management, non-agriculture workers as determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The announcement by IS coincides with preparations for National Volunteer Week, April 15-21, which recognizes and celebrates America's legacy of volunteerism and the value that Americans place on helping others.

"The true value of volunteer time is the vital role that they play in helping millions of charitable organizations and communities across the country," said IS president and CEO Diana Aviv. "Volunteering is about giving, contributing, and helping others. The new estimate helps put into perspective the enormous contributions provided by our nation's volunteers."

"Independent Sector Announces New Estimate for Value of Volunteer Time." Independent Sector Press Release 03/30/2007.