W.T. Grant Foundation Announces 2019 Scholars Awards

W.T. Grant Foundation Announces 2019 Scholars Awards

The W.T. Grant Foundation in New York City has announced the recipients of its 2019 Scholars Awards.

Launched in 1982, the W.T. Grant Scholars Program supports the professional development of researchers in the social, behavioral, and health sciences who have received their terminal degrees within the past seven years. Scholars receive $350,000 each to execute five-year research plans as well as mentoring and professional development opportunities through annual retreats and workshops with fellow scholars, foundation staff, and other senior researchers.

The 2019 Grant Scholars are Carolyn Barnes (Duke University), who will investigate how the features of rural Southern communities shape public welfare agency practices and how those practices alleviate or exacerbate racial inequality and influence family processes and adolescent development outcomes; Anna R. Haskins (Cornell University), who will study whether and how involvement in the criminal justice, immigration enforcement, and/or child welfare systems undermine parental involvement in their children's education; Ann Owens (University of Southern California), who will analyze housing policies that enable low-income families with children to move to higher-opportunity neighborhoods; and Adela Soliz (Vanderbilt University), who will explore the extent to which the federal work-study program can be leveraged to improve college persistence, completion, and labor market access for low-income college students.

"We are thrilled to welcome these remarkable academics to the William T. Grant Scholars Program," said W.T. Grant Foundation senior vice president Vivian Tseng. "Each of them is stretching their expertise and careers in exciting new directions so that they will be better positioned to tackle the challenges of inequality....By supporting their research agendas and professional development, the William T. Grant Scholars Program seeks to contribute to a bright new generation of scholars who will bring rigorous research to youth policies, programs, and practices to reduce inequality for young people in the U.S."

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