Wallace Foundation Funds Immigrant Arts Program in Minnesota

The New York City-based Wallace Foundation has awarded a four-year, $491,000 grant to Intermedia Arts in Minnesota to develop a multidisciplinary program exploring the cultures and conditions of immigrant populations in the state, including Africans, Latinos, and Russians, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

Awarded under the auspices of the foundation's $13 million Leadership and Excellence in Arts Participation initiative, the gift will help Intermedia Arts hire artistic and organizational staff from immigrant communities and develop new performances, community workshops, visual exhibitions, and civic dialogues.

Based in Minneapolis, Intermedia Arts was founded in 1973 to explore social issues, primarily through documentary video. The organization is now a multidisciplinary arts center with a $1.2 million budget whose mission is to promote understanding among people through art.

Graydon Royce. "Minneapolis Arts Organization Gets Wallace Grant." Minneapolis Star Tribune 12/21/2003.