Wallace-Reader's Digest Funds Announce More Than $10 Million in School Leadership Grants

Wallace-Reader's Digest Funds Announce More Than $10 Million in School Leadership Grants

The New York City-based Wallace-Reader's Digest Funds have announced a $1.58 million grant to Harvard University's Center for Public Leadership, $3.75 million in grants to fifteen states, and grants of at least $500,000 each to ten school districts as part of its LEADERS Count initiative to strengthen leadership in U.S. public schools.

Over the next two years, the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government will work with the university's Graduate School of Education as well as superintendents of school districts receiving LEAD grants to develop intensive, interactive learning opportunities for education leaders. The Center, which will provide monthly coaching and consultation sessions for the participating superintendents, plans to develop a series of sixteen-day residential workshops to build leadership skills and create networks to promote professional sharing and communications among school leaders.

"Superintendents have practically no place to go to increase their leadership capacities, share experiences and knowledge with colleagues, and think more deeply and systematically about what it means to be an effective educational leader," said Mary Lee Fitzgerald, director of education programs at the Wallace Funds. "This new program will be an opportunity for these education leaders to analyze and draw on their own efforts as reformers, and share their insights far more broadly with others in the field."

The Wallace Funds also announced three-year grants of $250,000 each to fifteen states through the State Action for Education Leadership (SAELP) initiative. States receiving SAELP grants will use the money to strengthen leadership at schools by developing strategies to increase and diversify the pool of candidates for school and district leadership, improving professional development programs, and promoting better licensing and certification processes for leaders. In addition, the Funds' district initiative, Leadership for Educational Achievement in Districts (LEAD), has awarded one-year grants ranging from $527,000 to $1.34 million to 10 high-need districts located within SAELP states to work on areas such as teacher recruitment and retention, leadership accountability systems, and the development of networks and training programs for school leaders.

For a list of states and districts that received grants, visit: http://www.wallacefunds.org/newsroom/news_article.cfm?xIDNews=2734867.

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