Walmart Foundation Gives $5 Million for Veterans Reintegration Program

Walmart Foundation Gives $5 Million for Veterans Reintegration Program

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University has announced a $5 million grant from the Walmart Foundation to facilitate veterans' transition to civilian life.

The grant will support the ongoing efforts of IVMF's AmericaServes programs in New York, North Carolina, and South Carolina, as well as the launch of the program in Texas. Established in 2013, AmericaServes provides access to a network of local human service providers working to ensure that accurate and timely referrals are made to veterans, service members, and their families. By helping veterans navigate the maze of service providers, the program aims to facilitate their successful transition to civilian life and improve their access to benefits and services such as housing and health care.

In 2011, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation pledged $20 million for veteran reintegration programs and an additional $20 million in 2014 through 2019 to support organizations working to advance systemic change in large veterans communities.

"The single greatest opportunity before us is to create significant impact for the veteran community around systems navigation — or better connecting veterans and their families to the wealth of government, nonprofit, and other resources available to them," said IVMF executive director J. Michael Haynie.

"These are the same communities where we live and work," said Kathleen McLaughlin, chief sustainability officer at Walmart and president of the Walmart Foundation. "Veterans and military families benefit when local providers coordinate their care based on a shared vision of success. That's why the Walmart Foundation supports the IVMF as they expand their AmericaServes collective impact model  to new areas of the country and help thousands more veterans."

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