Walton Family Foundation Awarded $21.5 Million to Local Nonprofits in 2011

The Walton Family Foundation in Bentonville, Arkansas, has announced that it awarded grants totaling $21.5 million through its Home Region initiatives in 2011.

Organizations working to improve accountability, transparency, choice, and incentive in the state's schools received nearly $8.3 million through the foundation's Arkansas Education Reform initiative. Recipients include the University of Central Arkansas Foundation ($1.4 million), the Arkansas Public School Resource Center ($986,558), Exalt Education ($613,500), and Fountain Lake School District ($414,241).

The foundation also awarded more than $7.8 million in grants through its Northwest Arkansas initiative to support community, economic, and educational initiatives designed to make Benton and Washington counties better places to work and raise a family. Those recipients include the Endeavor Foundation ($1.3 million), the Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission ($1 million), the University of Arkansas Foundation ($608,920), and the Bentonville Library Foundation ($60,000).

In addition, the foundation awarded grants totaling nearly $5.4 million through its Delta Region of Arkansas and Mississippi initiative, which supports economic development and community-based strategies designed to sustain progress and enhance educational opportunities for children and adults in the delta region. Grant recipients include Teach for America-Arkansas ($1.8 million), Southern Bancorp Community Partners (nearly $1.6 million), and the Foundation for the Mid South (nearly $1.5 million).

"The 'home region' will always have significant meaning to the Walton family and the foundation," said Rob Brothers, director of the foundation's home region focus area. "Our motivation to support programs and projects that build better communities stems from a history of thoughtful giving that continues to be driven by the philanthropic desires of the Walton family."