Web Portal Launched to Strengthen Black Male Achievement Field

The Foundation Center and the Open Society Foundations have announced the launch of a Web portal to facilitate engagement, collaboration, and strategic decision making among funders, nonprofits, and policy makers working to promote positive outcomes for black men and boys in America.

Sponsored by the Campaign for Black Male Achievement, in which OSF has invested $50 million over the past five years, BMAfunders.org aims to support those working to reverse the damage done by years of systemic injustice by providing access to a variety of knowledge resources. These include a mapping tool that shows who is funding what program and where; a timeline of philanthropic milestones that sheds light on the historical context of the field; an outcomes toolkit that points users to key measures designed to help them assess the impact of their work; and a comprehensive collection of research reports and case studies.

To be featured at the annual conference of the Association of Black Foundation Executives in Chicago on April 6, the portal builds on the 2012 report Where Do We Go From Here? Philanthropic Support for Black Men and Boys, which examined foundation funding flows and innovative initiatives focused on improving the well-being of black men and boys.

"We urge more grantmakers and philanthropists across sectors to enter the field of black male achievement for the long term, and to do it with the understanding that their investments are helping to strengthen the social fabric of America," said Shawn Dove, manager of the Campaign for Black Male Achievement. "BMAfunders.org helps philanthropic leaders get up to speed by highlighting what's working and by spreading the word about what success looks like."

"New Web Site Strengthens Black Male Achievement Field." Foundation Center Press Release 03/28/2013.