Weinberg Foundation Launches Workforce Leadership Academy in Baltimore

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, in partnership with the Aspen Institute, has announced the inaugural cohort of a year-long learning and leadership program in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Supported by the Annie E. Casey and Abell foundations, the Weinberg Sector Skills Academy will comprise retreats, meetings, and webinars for leaders in the workforce development service field. The WSSA curriculum is designed to help senior professionals improve their skills and develop a strategic perspective to better meet the needs of low-income individuals seeking employment in Baltimore. The program is scheduled to conclude next April with a capstone project that will be presented to the Weinberg Foundation, BWFC, and the broader community.

The Baltimore Workforce Funders Collaborative, which includes foundation, corporate, and government funders, assisted in the recruitment and nomination process.

"The Weinberg Sector Skills Academy will build on the success of the Baltimore Workforce Funders Collaborative, equipping workforce providers with an even broader vision of the opportunities and challenges for the Baltimore region," said Weinberg Foundation president and CEO Rachel Monroe. "The WSSA can strengthen the workforce development landscape by providing a clearer understanding of best practices in the field and creating a collaborative provider network."

"Weinberg Foundation, Aspen Institute to Create New Workforce Leadership Program." Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Press Release 05/27/2015.