Weingart Foundation to Expand General Operating Support Program

The Los Angeles-based Weingart Foundation has announced that it will expand its general operating support program in response to the slowing economy.

For an undetermined period, the foundation's new core support program will provide nonprofits with up to $150,000 each in unrestricted operating support to sustain program elements and underwrite administrative infrastructure that enables organizations to achieve their missions. The program will be open to nonprofits that provide essential health, human, and infant, child, and youth development services to underserved, at-risk, and economically disadvantaged individuals. Special consideration will be given to safety-net programs that provide the necessities of life, including food, shelter, health care, and clothing.

In January, the foundation will release detailed guidelines for the core support program as well as enhancements to its small grant program. The foundation also announced that it may continue to fund well-thought-out capacity-building activities focused on sustaining and strengthening organizations during the economic downturn.

"Weingart Foundation Announces 'Core Support' Program." Weingart Foundation Press Release 12/01/2008.