White House Launches Open Data Project to Improve Economic Mobility

The White House has announced the launch of an open data effort aimed at improving economic mobility for all Americans.

The public-private Opportunity Project seeks to put data and tools in the hands of civic leaders, community organizations, and families, with the goal of helping residents and others navigate information about access to jobs, housing, transportation, neighborhood schools, and other critical resources. Among other things, the administration has released a package of federal and local datasets and accelerated a new way for the government to collaborate with local leaders, technologists, and community members to tackle inequities and strengthen their communities.

The effort will include the launch of Opportunity.Census.gov, a website designed to provide easy access to Opportunity Project data; the release of a dozen private sector and nonprofit digital tools built in collaboration with eight cities; and a commitment by more than thirty additional nonprofits, community organizations, coding boot camps, academic institutions, and local governments to use data to build stronger ladders of opportunity in their communities.

To date, specific commitments include diversitydatakids.org, an integrated information source from Brandeis University's Heller School for Social Policy and Management that documents and tracks the changing demographics of children and families in the U.S. and establishes a system for monitoring not only child outcomes but also key factors (including opportunities, conditions, and resources) that drive child outcomes; PolicyLink's National Equity Atlas, which illustrates access to healthy, opportunity-rich neighborhoods by race/ethnicity in the hundred largest cities and hundred and fifty largest metro areas; and CharityLogic's pledge to help communities paint a more complete picture of opportunity by adding a data export module to its iCarol software.

"White House Launches Opportunity Project Utilizing Open Data." White House Press Release 03/07/2016.