Whitney Museum Receives Artworks From Altria Group

The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City has received a gift of approximately one hundred and fifty artworks from the Altria Group in Richmond, Virginia, the New York Times reports.

When Altria, formerly known as Philip Morris Companies, moved its headquarters out of New York last year, it discontinued its charitable giving to the arts and donated its art collection to several museums, including the Whitney. The company's latest gift to the museum includes a 1972 self-portrait by Philip Guston and three 1965 Warhol screen prints of Jacqueline Kennedy at different historic moments. The prints were included in the 1966 portfolio "11 Pop Artists."

For twenty-five years the museum had a branch in the Altria building on Park Avenue, which it had to vacate in 2008. Ties between the two organizations date back to 1967, however, and included a special purchase fund and exhibition support. "It is because of this long relationship that we received so much art," said Donna De Salvo, the Whitney's chief curator. "They gave us the opportunity to select the works that best complemented [our] collection."

Carol Vogel. "Company's Fortunes Change, and the Whitney Benefits." New York Times 02/05/2009.