Winners of 2014 Bush Prize for Community Innovation Announced

The Bush Foundation in St. Paul has announced ten organizations in Minnesota and the Dakotas as the 2014 winners of the Bush Prize for Community Innovation.

The prize recognizes organizations working to advance effective, equitable, and/or sustainable solutions to community challenges through an inclusive process that makes the most of community assets. Recipients include Breaking Free (St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Rochester, Minnesota), an organization led by survivors of prostitution and sexual exploitation that helps survivors of the sex trafficking trade break the cycle of poverty, addiction, rape, and abuse; the Cannon River Watershed Partnership (Northfield, Minnesota), which brings together residents and wastewater professionals in southeast Minnesota communities to keep untreated sewage from entering the state's rivers and streams; Legal Services of North Dakota (Bismarck, North Dakota), which has expanded access to legal services for low-income, disadvantaged, and elderly populations in the state by streamlining its intake process; and the First People's Fund (Rapid City, South Dakota), which provides financial support, entrepreneurship opportunities, and mentoring to empower Native artists to become change leaders in their communities.

Each organization will receive a grant equal to 25 percent of its previous fiscal year budget, up to $500,000.

"Each of this year's Bush Prize winners has a remarkable story of innovation to share, and collectively they are a testament to the power of inclusive, collaborative, and resourceful problem-solving," said Bush Foundation president Jennifer Ford Reedy. "We are thrilled to provide them with creative capital to tackle their next big idea."

For a complete list of the 2014 Bush Prize winners, visit the Bush Foundation website.

"Meet the 2014 Bush Prize Winners." Bush Foundation Press Release 12/02/2014.