Yawkey Foundation Gives $25 Million to Massachusetts General Hospital

Yawkey Foundation Gives $25 Million to Massachusetts General Hospital

The Boston-based Yawkey Foundation has announced a donation of $25 million to Massachusetts General Hospital for the construction of a ten-story outpatient treatment center that will provide cancer, cardiac, orthopedic, pediatric, and women's health care, the Boston Globe reports.

The gift, which will be paid in installments over eight years, is the largest ever received by the hospital. The new facility, scheduled to open in 2004, will occupy 320,000 square feet and help relieve overcrowding in the hospital, which has seen outpatient visits increase at least 5 percent per year recently, to 1.3 million visits in 2001. The hospital also will use the center to expand its healthcare program for the uninsured.

The two parties had been discussing the gift for two years, but the foundation did not have the resources to make a definite commitment until the $700 million sale of the Boston Red Sox baseball team was completed earlier this year. The Yawkey Trust, which controls the foundation, received $420 million from the sale of the team.

"They needed a commitment to get this project underway; the lead gift is very important," said John Harrington, head of the foundation and former CEO of the Boston Red Sox. "The team's sale allowed us to do it."

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