YMCA, Armstrong Foundation Announce Partnership on Wellness Programs for Cancer Survivors

The YMCA of the USA and the Lance Armstrong Foundation in Austin, Texas, have announced a multiyear partnership to develop physical activity and well-being initiatives designed to address the specific wants, needs, and interests of cancer survivors.

Throughout the pilot phase and implementation of the project, a panel of eighteen cancer survivorship researchers and public-health professionals will contribute their knowledge and perspective on evidence-based best practices. The initiative is a component of the Chicago-based YMCA's Activate America effort to address the nation's growing health crisis.

According to Andy Miller, vice president of programs and policy for the Armstrong Foundation, studies have shown that moderate levels of physical activity can reduce fatigue, boost self esteem, and improve muscle strength and physical endurance in individuals following cancer treatment. But physical activity and wellness programs specifically geared for cancer survivors are scarce and difficult to take to scale nationally.

"This exciting new partnership with the Lance Armstrong Foundation will allow us to more effectively involve cancer survivors in the YMCA with research-based programs that focus on their specific health and wellness needs," said Neil Nicoll, president and CEO of the YMCA of the USA. "It is our hope that this new initiative will evolve over several years and set the standard for physical activity and wellness programs for cancer survivors throughout the country."

"YMCA of the USA and the Lance Armstrong Foundation Announce Partnership to Develop Physical Activity and Well-Being Initiatives for Cancer Survivors" YMCA of the USA Press Release 09/26/2007.