Founded: 2015

Mission: To increase diversity and inclusion in artificial intelligence development, policy, and research.

About the Organization: Initially launched in 2015 as a Stanford University summer outreach program designed to teach high school girls about human-centered AI, AI4ALL was founded in 2017 with support from Melinda Gates's Pivotal Ventures. Envisioning a future in which "diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and voices unlock AI's potential to benefit humanity," the organization works to ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce that will help advance more innovative, human-centered, and ethical products and systems; create more effective tools and solutions for social good; and drive more equitable returns on investment.

Current Programs: The organizations runs summer programs on eleven university campuses that provide people of color, young women, and low-income high school students with immersive hands-on learning, mentoring by top AI practitioners, and supportive peer networks. The curriculum is developed by in-house CS and AI education experts with experience in running community-based teaching initiatives and nonprofit organizations such as Girls Who Code, TechHire, and Black Girls CODE, with the support of advisors from academia and the industry. The organization also offers AI4ALL Open Learning, a free, project-based program facilitated by community members that provides high school students with AI tools they can use to address social issues they care about.

Website: Visitors to the AI4ALL site can learn more about artificial intelligence, its potential, and risks; explore the organization's impact; and/or stay abreast of developments in the field through the organization's blog. Visitors can also learn more about supporting the organization by hiring or mentoring AI4All alumni, becoming a corporate sponsor, making a donation, and/or volunteering.

Funding: AI4ALL is supported by individuals, foundations, venture capital firms, and corporations.

P.O. Box 30114
Oakland, CA 94604

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