Alice Lloyd College

Alice Lloyd College
Founded: 1923

The mission of Alice Lloyd College is to educate mountain people for positions of leadership and service to the Appalachian region.

The College is named for its founder, Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd, who came to the Eastern Kentucky mountains from her native Boston. Early in her career, she was a writer for local newspapers and periodicals. In 1902, Miss Geddes was publisher and editor of The Cambridge Press, the first publication in America with an all-female staff.

Her first efforts at the Ivis Community Center in Knott County, Kentucky, were to provide health care, educational services, and agricultural improvements to the region. One year later, Mrs. Lloyd, with her mother, moved to Caney Creek at the behest of local resident Abisha Johnson, who offered her land on which to build a school.

Alice Lloyd's dictum, "The leaders are here," became the inspirational impetus for what is now Alice Lloyd College. She was joined three years later by June Buchanan, a native of Syracuse, New York. Miss Buchanan served the ccollege until her death in 1988 at the age of 100. The college was chartered in 1923 as Caney Junior College and became a four-year institution in 1980. Since then, hundreds of students have earned baccalaureate degrees and scores more have continued to complete graduate and professional programs at little or no personal cost. Many those graduates have returned to the mountains as teachers, physicians, attorneys, and community leaders.

Current Programs:
Alice Lloyd College provides guaranteed tuition to all accepted full-time students from its 108-county service area in Appalachia. This generous financial aid package is made possible through the private support of alumni, friends, churches, organizations, foundations, and businesses across America. A gift to one of the college's scholarship funds offers Appalachian students quality educational opportunities with little or no accumulation of debt.

The Caney Cottage Scholarship Program was begun by Alice Lloyd in the 1930s to support graduates continuing their education at the University of Kentucky or other graduate or professional schools. Today, the scholarships are offered on a competitive basis to students who qualify, and hundreds of students have been assisted as a result of the program.

The Student Work Program is central to the life of the college. Students have an opportunity to know that work promotes self-worth and dignity. Discipline and competence are personal strengths learned from working. Full-time students are required to work 10-20 hours per week in one of a variety of jobs available on campus or through community service.

The ALC Bridge Program is designed to assist freshman students as they make their transition from high school to college. The program gives students the chance to explore the demands of college courses, sharpen their academic skills, develop a personal work ethic, develop relationships with peers, faculty, and staff, and learn to budget their time and resources for life-long success.

Web Site:
For more information about Alice Lloyd College, please visit the ALC Web site (

Recent Successes:
Alice Lloyd College was recently named by U.S. News and World Report as the top liberal arts college in the South for graduating students with the least amount of debt.

The school recently met a challenge grant from the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation for new faculty housing. Construction of the new units is scheduled to begin in the late spring or early summer of 2001.

Funding Needs:
Alice Lloyd College has to raise $2,100,000 per year to meet general operating costs. Capital projects and programs require additional monies.

Contact: Joe A. Stepp, President
Phone: (606) 368-2101
Fax: (606) 368-6210

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