Alliance for the Arts

Alliance for the Arts
Founded: 1978

To support the arts community and audiences in New York City and beyond by engaging in advocacy and research and providing information on arts and cultural events.

About the Organization:
For more than thirty-two years, the Alliance for the Arts has served as an arts resource in New York City and across the country for parents, teachers, civic leaders, researchers, artists, curators, historians, and the general public. The group serves the nation's cultural community through research and advocacy and serves the public by providing cultural guides and information on current cultural events.

Current Programs:
The Alliance for the Arts collects and shares data that advocates can use to demonstrate the importance of the arts to the economy, education, and older Americans; encourages individuals to contact their government leaders about arts issues; and offers several print publications and Web sites that promote the visual and performing arts, historic houses and landmarks, zoos, gardens, and science museums throughout the state of New York, such as NYC Arts, NYCkidsArts, New York State Arts, and The Hudson Valley: A Cultural Guide, which was published in recognition of the four-hundredth anniversary of the voyage of Henry Hudson.

Web Site:
The Alliance for the Arts Web site offers a fact sheet on the economic power of the arts in New York City as well as links to recent reports. In addition, it provides contact information for New York arts service and cultural organizations; arts news; and information on how to donate to the organization.

The Alliance for the Arts receives funding from state and city agencies, corporations, foundations, and nonprofits.

Contact: Randall Bourscheidt, President
Phone: (212) 947-6340
Fax: (212) 947-6416