American Prosecutors Research Institute

American Prosecutors Research Institute
Founded: 1984

American Prosecutors Research Institute (APRI) was created to serve as a research and program development resource for prosecutors at all levels of government.

In 1984, the National District Attorneys Association founded APR) as a non-profit research and program development resource for prosecutors. Since that time, APRI has become a vital resource and national clearinghouse for information on the prosecutorial function. The Institute is committed to providing interdisciplinary responses to the complex problems of criminal justice. It is also committed to supporting the highest professional standards among officials entrusted with the crucial responsibility for public safety. The Institute has assembled a multi-disciplinary staff that includes veteran prosecutors and researchers to meet these demands. Access to comprehensive justice and medical and scientific data resources — including a nationwide network of working prosecutors — ensures that information provided by APRI is up to date, grounded in practicality, and accurate. APRI staff further conducts research on a broad range of criminal justice issues that are of interest to prosecutors. This can range from assessing the impact of new legislation on the prosecutor's office, to the effectiveness of various programs and sentencing alternatives, to office management and organization.

Current Programs:
Current APRI Programs include:

  • National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse
  • DNA Witness to the Truth
  • National Traffic Law Center
  • Juvenile Justice Prosecution Program
  • Violence Against Women
  • Hate Crimes
  • Community Prosecution Program
  • Telemarketing, Home Improvement, and Other Fraud Against Seniors

APRI's activities are concentrated in the following areas:

  • Training and Curriculum Development,
  • Technical Assistance and Consultation,
  • Publications, and
  • Research

More specifically, APRI staff can provide:

  • Case law information
  • Up-to-date information on legislation
  • Detailed assistance for trial preparation
  • Individualized support for trial presentation
  • Access to experts and presenters
  • Assistance with policy development
  • Information on program development
  • Topical background material
  • Training on all stages of prosecutorial work
  • Information on technology applications
  • Background on the effectiveness of different sentencing alternatives
  • Assessment of different prosecutorial strategies and practices
  • Information on promising practices
  • Cooperation for grant development
  • Office management and organization
  • Assessment of resource requirements

Web Site:
For more information on American Prosecutors Research Institute and our various programs please visit the APRI web site ( from Ed Venturi's office

Contact: Newman Flanagan, President
Fax: (703) 836-3195

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