Amphibian Ark

Amphibian Ark
Founded: 2005

To ensure the global survival of amphibians, especially those that cannot be safeguarded in nature.

About the Organization:
Amphibian Ark was established by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the Conservation Breeding and Amphibian specialist groups of the International Union for Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission to address the ex-situ components of the 2005 Amphibian Conservation Action Plan (68 pages, PDF). The organization works to protect amphibians at risk of immediate extinction by capturing and sending them to the nearest facilities with available space and resident expertise, and also helps countries develop the facilities and expertise they need to protect their own species.

Current Programs:
Amphibian Ark organizes support for conservation projects around the world and offers ongoing amphibian husbandry and conservation planning workshops. In addition, with funding from the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Sabin Conservation Fund, it awards $5,000 seed grants to small, start-up conservation projects and publishes population management guidelines (32 pages, PDF).

Web Site:
The Amphibian Ark Web site offers information and statistics on the amphibian extinction crisis; videos; science and research information; and various calls for action. Visitors to the site can also view a list of dozens of amphibian conservation projects that need support.

Amphibian Ark receives funding from individuals, foundations, zoos, and other animal conservation organizations.

Contact: Kevin Zippel, Amphibian Program Director
Phone: (952) 997-9800
Fax: (952) 997-9803

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