Founded: 2008

To connect the public to the arts.

About the Organization:
Artist and designer Rodney Durso established ArtBridge in 2008 to transform unsightly construction scaffolds and sidewalk bridging into temporary art installations. Today, the organization works to alter construction-heavy New York City landscapes into something more uplifting while boosting emerging artists in an increasingly competitive art world.

Current Programs:
How it works: After ArtBridge secures a partnership with a New York City building manager/property owner, the organization issues a call for art from local artists, and a panel of experts selects the individual artists who will have their works installed on the scaffold panel surfaces using eco-friendly material. The organization also offers a number of arts education programs, including ArtBridge: connects KIDS to the arts, a project that seeks to engage local school children with public art; Artist in Development, an ongoing educational series that provides emerging and mid-career artists with the tools they need to navigate today's marketplace; and WALK, which invites art and urban planning enthusiasts to tour the organization's installations throughout the city.

Web Site:
The ArtBridge site provides information for building management and property owners, emerging artists interested in submitting their work, and prospective volunteers. Visitors to the site can also join the organization's mailing list, read recent press notices, and connect with the organization on Facebook and Twitter.

Support for ArtBridge is provided by local businesses and individuals.

Contact: Jordana Zeldin, Director
Phone: (917) 720-5742